We can organize western shows that consist of individual presentations in which we introduce work with horses and various cowboy skills. Besides the classic western disciplins we include horse stunts and adrenaline elements into the performance, such as riding through burning obstacles or jumping over them, special jumps or acrobatic horse riding with special effects.

  • Demonstrations of horse riding
  • Performance of a gunman
  • Demonstrations of precise handling of a bullwhip
  • Art of lassoing
  • Natural communication with the horse
  • Jumping over and riding through fire
  • Targets (javelin, throwing stars, archery)
  • Acrobatic riding
  • And others 

It’s possible to order and combine only some of the performances, e.g. a demonstration of trick roping together with a bullwhip performance followed by a short training. We recommend our program to company or social events.

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